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September 5th, 2006 [view detail]
Letterpress Print Series

"The Secret Stash"

Jesse LeDoux

Sold out edition of 100.

6" x 6" (plus border for framing)

Signed and numbered.

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The Secret Stash marks the third release in our series of letterpressed artwork. The four-piece collection is a limited-edition set of prints created by Providence, Rhode Island's Jesse LeDoux. Each set of signed and numbered prints comes housed in a matchbook-style two-color screenprint portfolio designed by the artist.

The letterpress series is an ongoing project featuring artwork by our favorite silkscreen artists, poster designers, and multi-layered color separation masters. Each piece from the letterpress collection is an original design that was created for the project and hand-printed in limited quantities.

Each layer of The Secret Stash was hand-pressed by Providence letterpress artist Dan Wood of DWRI Letterpress.

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