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One (1) signed book

Quietly Sure - Like the Keeper of a Great Secret

One (1) signed and editioned letterpress print

"The Physicality of Tortoise" (letterpress edition of 100)

By the always-amazing Jo Dery


This edition has sold out.

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Both Jo Dery's book and letterpress print measure roughly 6.75" wide by 5" high. They are both signed by the artist.

"The Physicality of Tortoise" is a five-color letterpress print created by Jo Dery for this release and printed by Providence-based printmaker Dan Wood. The edition of 100 letterpress prints was created on an archival printmaking paper manufactured locally by Crane and Co. The 100% cotton paper is lightly-lemon-colored with a kid finish. Edition information has been blind-debossed into each print.

Quietly Sure - Like the Keeper of a Great Secret is an 88-page book with full-color cover and beautiful blue pages. It was printed in California using 100% post-consumer recycled paper and soy-based inks.

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Jo Dery has chosen Red Wind Councils as her artwork's charity. Red Wind Councils works with the indigenous Maya people of Chiapas, Mexico, one of the poorest regions of the Americas. Their organization provides support to the indigenous Maya of Chiapas for sustainable development projects. Over the course of several years they have worked on women's development, educational development, healthcare development, and community development. $250 from the sale of this artwork will be donated to Red Wind Councils.


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