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August 18th, 2009 [3 images : view detail]

William Schaff

Sold out edition of 200.

6" x 6"

This is an edition of papercuts.

Each piece from this edition measures 6 inches square with plenty of border for framing. The original artwork was created by William Schaff. We have replicated the piece in an archival, non-fading 270gsm forest green printmaking paper. It comes packaged with an archival antique white background.

The back of each papercut includes the edition information and each papercut ships with its own certificate of authenticity.

Will has chosen the Warren Animal Shelter as his artwork's charity. The Warren Animal Shelter is a municipally funded and run animal shelter subsidized by Helping Hands for Animals. The shelter works to take in all sick, injured, abused domestic animals or stray dogs. Donations to the shelter go towards pet adoption, spaying and neutering, finding lost pets, rescuing stray animals, investigating abuse, and providing education. $250 dollars from the sale of his artwork will be donated to the shelter.

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