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"Small Time Adventures" by Nigel Peake

August 31st, 2010 [ view detail ]

"Small Time Adventures" by Nigel Peake

Sold out edition of 100. Measures 20.5" x 18"

Small Time Adventures is a three-colour flag designed by Nigel Peake. It measures 20.5" wide by 18 inches tall and was sewn and hand-printed in Rhode Island on a 100% cotton-based natural-white canvas.

The flag has been grommeted for wall-tacking, flagpole-clipping, and sailboat-style rope tying. Each flag comes packaged with its own certificate of authenticity.

Nigel has chosen Kopernik as his artwork's charity. Kopernik works to allow the most progressive technologies to reach poor people in developing countries. The organization's is to accelerate development through 'leapfrogging' or skipping inferior, less-efficient technologies and practices and moving directly to more advanced ones. $250 dollars from the sale of his artwork will be donated to the organization.



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