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"Post-It Note Diaries" by Arthur Jones

Post-It Note Diaries

Twenty stories of youthful abandon, embarrassing mishaps, and everyday adventure.

Edited, illustrated, and signed by Arthur Jones. Featuring tales by Andrew Bird, Arthur Bradford, Neil deGrasse Tyson, Daniel Engber, Jonathan Goldstein, John Hodgman, Starlee Kine, Chuck Klosterman, Laura Krafft, Beth Lisick, Marie Lorenz, David Rakoff, David Rees, Mary Roach, Kristen Schaal, Jeff Simmermon, Andrew Solomon, Hannah Tinti, and David Wilcox.

Copies of the book purchased from Tiny Showcase ship signed and are accompanied by a pre-doodled Post-It Note drawn by Arthur Jones.

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The 224-page book measures roughly 9" by 7.4". The accompanying Post-It Note artwork is exactly the size of a standard Post-It Note.

For those who still need to be convinced as to just how wonderful this book is, you can watch the video below OR read the first chapter by humorist, actor, and Justin Long rival John Hodgman.

Click to read John Hodgman's chapter:

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