Edition of 100 prints with 60 available for purchase. This edition has been signed by all three artists and hand-numbered. The artwork measures 18" wide by 24" tall. It was printed in Providence, Rhode Island on an archival 210gsm bright white print making paper.

This print was created by artist Megan Whitmarsh in collaboration with filmmaker Peter Glantz and Lavender Diamond's Becky Stark. This print expresses the joyous desire to be free of fear and transform it into love. The image - a faithful and rich reproduction of a watercolor painting by artist Megan Whitmarsh - reflects the whimsical nature of love and how being playful can set it free. Often, liberation is associated with struggle, but it can also manifest on a personal and community level through joy and fantasy. This print seeks to capture that feeling through the use of fantastical creatures, a rainbow of colors, and people dancing together to express themselves.

The phrase "Liberate Your Love" was written by Peter Glantz & Becky Stark as part of their Worldword! series of print and cartoon collaborations where they work with different artists to make to make images that curve consciousness toward beauty and truth. This is the third of six new episodes of Worldword! recently commissioned by MTV's Liquid Television (you can view the first here and the second here.). Written and directed by Peter Glantz & Becky Stark with art by Megan Whitmarsh, music by Farmer Dave Scher, Aska Matsumiya, and Becky Stark, and animation by Matthew Salata. Produced by The Imaginary Company. You can view the video on the Liquid Television website or below :

Animated by with Music by Farmer Dave Scher, Aska Matsumiya, and Becky Stark.

The Imaginary Company has chosen Let's Help Nicole as their artwork's charity. $2 dollars from each print sold will be donated to the cause.

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