Preorder Ray Fenwick's Hall of Best Knowledge


"This is a life-passage story that reveals itself as such so slyly that the joy and loving humilty it evokes at the end are breathtaking."   Ray Olson, Booklist

"Fenwick has taken a high-brow route to the art of comedy. Hall of Best Knowledge is several things rolled into one: a bizarre self-help book; an eccentric college text; a guide to life from the unlikeliest of guides. It's hard to categorize (typographical novel? graphic metafiction?), even harder to explain."   Mark Medley, National Post

"In addition to a neat bit of ventriloquism, Fenwick shows off dazzling visual originality in his eye-spinning use of pattern and lettering in Hall of Best Knowledge... The lettering melds with its environment as surely as letters in an illuminated manuscript blend with their angels and acanthus leaves."   PRINT

Folks, we are thrilled to announce that after months of waiting, IT IS HERE. The publisher types describe Ray Fenwick's Hall of Best Knowledge as "part graphic novel, part art object, part satire, part puzzle. The slow unfolding of the author and his story builds humor with each page, creating a peculiar examination of the idea of genius and the problems that arise in the search and transmission of knowledge."

Each signed book comes with a set of 10 bookplates designed by Ray Fenwick.
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We felt it was necessary to celebrate the release of this masterpiece with something special, something a little over-the-top and this is what we came up with:

Now, being a special signed preorder, we should tell you that yes, the quantities are limited. We are only opening up orders to a select group of people and we will stop taking orders for signed copies on Tuesday morning, April 22. It should also be noted that while Ray lives incredibly close to Tiny Showcase HQ, he still lives a country away. It will take roughly two to three weeks for the books to make their way through customs and back for shipping.

You can preorder Ray Fenwick's Hall of Best Knowledge right here.