"Dinosaurs" by Nate Duval

"Dinosaurs" is a set of four-color screen prints measuring 14" wide by 11" tall.

Designed by Nate Duval and hand-printed on a natural white print making paper.

"Dinosaurs" by Nate Duval

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death vessel ~ island intervals
February 28, 2014 | SnF

Look alive! It's time for us to all buy our new Death Vessel album Island Intervals. We waited so long. To accompany this joyous moment let us look upon this video - directed by Peter Glantz - who you will remember from many prints on this very site.

Paintings of the American West | January 30, 2014 | SnF

Perhaps you missed James Naughton's most recent edition, as it sold out within heartbeats? Do not dismay, simply bookmark this site and remain up to date with James' current project: creating a body of work based on a trip in Wyoming during which he followed the footsteps of the celebrated landscape painter Thomas Moran. Moran was born in James' home town of Bolton in the UK, where the Bolton public gallery will be exhibiting the resulting paintings in March 2014.

paper shock | SnF

Guys! Lois opened an Etsy shop and it's called Paper Shock, and now you will never be without an option for clever and expertly printed letterpress / screen print / foil press accessories. Order one of her letterpress calendars in the next few days and get 15% on your next 2014 order.

Lords & Ladies | September 6, 2013 | JtB

It's day we've all been dreaming of: the endlessly dynamic brother and sister team of Jason and Jen Corace have created a game inspired by period dramas like Downton Abbey. In Lords & Ladies you build an aristocratic family's status through marriage, hiring servants, having children while taking down rivals with gossip and betrayal.

Normally averse to Kickstarter shout-outs, the Powers that Showcase fully support the accrual of funds required to print the first pressing of this doubtlessly excellent game.

Click here to support / get yours (we already got like six).

up all nite / tender depths / cabin
July 31, 2013 | JtB

After absorbing this week's double-edition by Sir Ian Dingman, take a moment to look over his portfolio site (where most paintings are for sale and for mostly for under $200).

The Blood is the Life | February 7, 2013 | SnF

Entry into Gallery B

Beloved friend Marci Washington has work up in the Everhart Museum of Natural History's new show, The Blood is the Life: Vampires in Art & Nature.

Check out photos of the exhibition by following this link. If you're stopping by Scranton to see this glory in person, be certain to look in on the concurrent show about: bats.

Jesse LeDoux & Minus the Bear | February 6, 2013 | SnF

Check out the new Minus the Bear video made by dear friend + Showcaser Jesse LeDoux:


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