"Animal Atlas II" by Anthony Petrie

Animal Atlas II: Polar Bear, Golden Toad, and Great White Shark are all editions of 100 screen prints by Anthony Petrie. With a border for framing, the artwork is trimmed to fit a standard 24" wide by 18" tall poster frame. The archival print was created by Providence's Head Light Hotel and Tiny Showcase and ships with a numbered and stamped Tiny Showcase certificate of authenticity. The archival artwork has been printed on a heavy 270gsm archival print making paper.

"Polar Bear" is a three-color print with an icy-sparkle/gloss overprint. "Golden Toad" is a five-color screen print. "Great White Shark" is a four-color screen print. All are sized to fit a standard 18" by 24" poster frame and ship with a numbered certificate of authenticity.

Anthony has chose the Natural Resources Defense Council as his artwork's charity. The NRDC works to safeguard the earth: its people, its plants and animals, and the natural systems on which all life depends. Since 1970, the organization has combined the power of more than two million members and online activists with the expertise of some 500 scientists, lawyers, and policy advocates across the globe to ensure the rights of all people to the air, the water, and the wild. $250 dollars from the sale of each of Anthony's three print editions will be donated to the organization.


The loss of sea ice habitat from climate change is the biggest threat to the survival of Polar Bears. However, conflicts with humans, overharvesting and industrial impacts are also key factors in their population decline - pushing this animal to the brink of being endangered.

Golden Toad: EXTINCT

Sport fishing, bycatching, and hunting have been key factors in contributing to the population decline of the Great White Shark. However, as greenhouse gases cause global temperatures to rise, sharks are swimming in oceans that are warmer and more acidic. This is forcing the slow evolving animal to adapt to a new environment and move to different areas in search of food.

Great White Shark: VULNERABLE

Global warming, infectious disease and airborne pollution were key factors in contributing to the extinction of the Golden Toad. This species was among the first casualties of the decreasing frog population from climate change. Formerly abundant, it was last seen in 1989 and is commonly considered the “poster child” for the amphibian decline crisis.

"Animal Atlas II" by Anthony Petrie

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Tiny Showcase

$6,620 for Sierra Club | December 2, 2016 | SnF

Many thanks to everyone who purchased a Josh Keyes print from the recent edition! Thanks to your support we raised $6,620 for The Sierra Club, the nation's largest and most influential grassroots environmental organization. Orders continue to ship out, and you can check yours on our order status page.

The 2017 Lunar Calendar | December 1, 2016 | SnF

BACK IN STOCK: The 2017 lunar calendar has descended down upon. It glimmers, it shimmers, it glows in the dark - and it's ready to ship. Sized to fit your frame from last year, the calendar measures 13" tall by 19" with three-colors and sparkle AND glow-in-the-dark overprints. Click here for more.

Tatsushi Eto | July 12, 2016 | SnF

Tatsushi Eto is a designer, illustrator, and creative director based in Kawasaki, Japan. It's hard to say what appeals most to me about Tatsushi's style. His negative space is never banal (rarely actually empty at all) although it still works to balance the rest of his image & gives room to breathe. His drawings (check out his site and his instagram to see more of his work) all possess the clarity of the most successful designs, but none move into the arena of sterility that often accompany that achievement. But really, and what you'll see here today, is that his choice of subject is maybe what's most attractive to me. This scene, to me, is perfect. It's a person doing what a person does - explores, innovates to explore further - in tandem with the natural world. An image of solitude, but also unity; an image of peace, but also excitement.

Michael Ward | June 1, 2016 | SnF

Michael Ward joins Tiny Showcase with an edition of "Used Cars." The original painting was developed from a photograph by the artist taken in 1975 depicting a used car lot in Long Beach, CA. Three decades later, when this scene was long gone (and replaced by a storage facility) it became a painting. And in the painting, the heat and the culture of that time are enhanced and preserved. When you look, do you know, almost immediately, that it's of a previous era of American culture? Or do you think the same scene could be recreated today?

For those of you in Laguna Beach OR Ashbury Park, you can catch Michael's work at the California Arts Festival and Palette Gallery respectively. For more details, check out Michael's blog.

2016 Lunar Calendar | December 1, 2015 | JtB

Jen Collins descends from the firmament to illustrate this annual, celestial Showcase. Evoking the damp shadow of a moonlit jungle, accompanied by beasties goofing in their kingdoms, this year's calendar surges with energy around a cool, calm moonlight rippling across a sea of moons. What more could one ask for to guide one through the evenings 2016?

Click here to order the 2016 lunar calendar, a 5 color screen print clocking in at 13x19 (to fit your frame from last year!)

Haunted Depths | June 9, 2015 | SnF

Can you believe this one? This sublime edition still has a few available prints. Enchanting and ocean-y, it's ideal for remembering the is summer outside & its waiting on you. Get out and join it?

In the meantime, click here to make Haunted Depths yours.

Beastly Verse | June 8, 2015 | SnF

Check the ever-talented JooHee Yoon arriving here at Tiny Showcase by way of her new book, Beastly Verse, with an accompanying limited & signed screen print of her drawing "Night Pigeon."

Yup that's 48 pages of full-color illustrations - four of which unfold into gorgeously extended spreads - accompanying 16 playful & powerful poems. Tigers, hummingbirds, pelicans, snails, and other animal characters accompany the poetry of Lewis Carroll, William Blake, D.H. Lawrence, Anonymous, and more. This beautiful little number will happily introduce (or reinforce) poetry's invaluable place in your life and days, and the life and days of the small someone you might be persuaded to share it with. More here.


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