A Guide to Fifty Nine Fields Drawn by Nigel Peake

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Tiny Showcase presents the second installment in our new series of mildly factual, mostly fictitious, educational posters - Our honest and whole-hearted attempt to school you and yours.

Inspired by the posters on classroom walls, but free from any commitment to reality, TS Learning Press is dedicated to excellence in education by blurring and/or eradicating the lines where real life meets way better make believe life.

With the second poster in our series, we invite Nigel Peake to escort us into a lifetime of field-awareness. A world renowned field expert, let Nigel open your unseeing eyes to the fields that surround you. Whether it's a field of leaves, bikes, beehives, or a conversation of birds, after familiarizing yourself with the Nigel's chart, a world of fields will reveal itself all around you.

Perhaps you work in a bookshop -- or perhaps you work in a field of books. On one hand you are trapped in a cave -- on the other hand, you are reclining in a field of bats. Do you live in a messy home? Or do you live in a field of cats and sneakers? Nigel Peake's Illustrated Guide to Fields will effortlessly transport you to a land of fields in the life-side where you've always dreamed of living.

Consider it. We have. And we like what we've considered.

Finch & Buonaccorsi
The TS Learning Institute

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Print Information

It is dizzyingly enormous both in size as well as its comprehensive coverage of fields

Measuring roughly 21.5" by 29", it is roughly thirty times the size of a standard Tiny Showcase print. If you were to fold it into a paper boat, a puppy could sail in it. The print will ship rolled in acid-free Kraft paper to protect its edges from damage.

It is archival and environmentally friendly

The artwork is printed on a 176gsm Forest Stewardship Council and Sustainable Forest Initiative-certified paper produced from trees grown on land managed by The Nature Conservancy. It is acid-free, chlorine-free, and archival.

Woah. Seriously.

Created specifically for TS Learning Press by Nigel Peake, a work this comprehensive and beautiful could only be created by an inimitable master in the field of fields.


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Click to buy A Guide to Fifty Nine Fields: $10