Ray Fenwick's Illustrated Guide to a Life of Mystery

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Tiny Showcase Presents the first in a new series of mildly factual, mostly fictitious, educational posters - Our honest and whole-hearted attempt to school you and yours.

Inspired by the posters on classroom walls, but free from any commitment to reality, TS Learning Press is dedicated to excellence in education by blurring and/or eradicating the lines where real life meets way better make believe life.

With the first poster in our series, we invite Ray Fenwick to guide us towards living a new and far more thrilling life of mystery. A world renowned mystery expert, let Ray take you on a tour of all things mysterious. From secrets to secret passages to footprints that suddenly stop and seem to lead nowhere, after incorperating just a few of Ray's simple suggestions, you'll find there's no longer any excuse (or desire) for leading an inconspicuous life devoid of intrigue.

Finch & Buonaccorsi
The TS Learning Institute

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Print Information

It is gigantic

Measuring 22" by 28" with an additional border for framing, it is roughly twenty-five times the size of a standard Tiny Showcase print. The print will ship rolled in acid-free Kraft paper to protect its edges from damage.

It is archival and environmentally friendly

The artwork is printed on a 176gsm Forest Stewardship Council and Sustainable Forest Initiative-certified paper produced from trees grown on land managed by The Nature Conservancy. It is acid-free, chlorine-free, and archival.

We love it

Created specifically for TS Learning Press by Ray Fenwick, the artwork is insanely detailed. And by "insanely detailed," I mean that Ray Fenwick went insane while drawing it. It is far too amazing to have been drawn by a normal human being. He has created, without a doubt, the most significant Illustrated Guide to Mystery of our time.


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Click to buy the Illustrated Life of Mystery Poster: $12

The "Rad" Shirt

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In addition to a poster, we've got this fancy shirt we can offer you. It was printed on a 100% USDA-certified organic Galaxy-colored American Apparel shirt in both Men's and Women's cuts. The printing retains the weathered, hand-drawn charm of Ray's original artwork.

Sizing guides can be found here:
[Women] [Men]

We realize that picking out a shirt that fits perfectly can be a little tricky. If, for some reason, your shirt does not fit, just send it back with a note and we'll swap it out for a replacement size.

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