A Field Guide To: The Stamps of the World
by Gavin Potenza


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Tiny Showcase presents the third installment in our new series of mildly factual, mostly fictitious, educational posters - Our honest and whole-hearted attempt to school you and yours.

Inspired by the posters on classroom walls, but free from any commitment to reality, TS Learning Press is dedicated to excellence in education by blurring and/or eradicating the lines where real life meets way better make believe life.

With the third poster in our series, we invite Gavin Potenza to take us on a tour of the globe with an Illustrated Field Guide to the Stamps of the World. Known far and wide in circles of postage enthusiasts, world renowned stamp-ologist Mr Potenza has drawn from familiar symbols of various countries to develop these designs. From the architecture of Russia to the forests of Canada, Gavin brings the thrill and intrigue of culture and communication spanning the world - to the walls of your home.

To quote the artist, "The stamps were each inspired by various elements surrounding the culture of the countries, including the Swiss-born color theorist Johannes Itten, old French Tarot cards, the Brazilian boardwalk Copacabana, German designer Otl Aicher, Mayan patterns, the Swiss Alps, sweater patterns, and op artist Victor Vasarely."

It's like all the things you've ever loved, whether or not you ever acknowledged it.

Finch & Buonaccorsi
The TS Learning Institute

Print Information

It is dizzyingly enormous both in size as well as its comprehensive coverage of fields

Measuring roughly 21.5" by 29", it is roughly thirty times the size of a standard Tiny Showcase print. If you were inspired by the prison break from Shawshank Redemption but would prefer to cover your cell wall escape tunnel with beautiful stamps than olde-timey pinup models, this would be your best candidate.

It is archival and environmentally friendly

The artwork is printed on a 176gsm Forest Stewardship Council and Sustainable Forest Initiative-certified paper produced from trees grown on land managed by The Nature Conservancy. It is acid-free, chlorine-free, and archival.

Top notch, right?!

Created specifically for TS Learning Press by Gavin Potenza, this work is far too large to count as a field guide and far too fictitious to function as a guide to stamps.


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