Seripop's "we are the children of false godz"

"This is what we see , everyday when we close our eyes. The visions are in turn amusing , in turn terrifying.

We know they are our only REAL friends."

"we are the children of false godz" was designed by Montreal's Chloe Lum and Yannick Desranleau. The two have been collaborating for the last half-decade as Seripop. Their print marks the fourth in our series of limited-edition, hand-created artwork.

The letterpress series is an ongoing project featuring artwork by our favorite silkscreen artists, poster designers, and multi-layered color separation masters. Each piece from the letterpress collection is an original design, created for the project and hand-printed in limited quantities.

Providence letterpress artist Dan Wood of DWRI Letterpress hand-pressed each layer of this print into a 100% cotton Somerset Velvet paper. The 260gsm archival printmaking paper was manufactured at St. Cuthbert's Mill in Inveresk, England.

Seripop has chosen Stella as their artwork's charity. Stella was founded through the initiative of a handful of sex-workers, public-health researchers and sympathisers. For over ten years, they have worked to provide support and information to sex-workers so that they may live in safety and with dignity. $250 dollars from the sale of Seripop's print will be donated towards the organization.

With roughly a half inch border around each letterpressed print, the artwork measures just about 9 inches wide by 7 inches high. Each print is hand-numbered.

An edition of one hundred letterpressed "we are the children of false godz" will be available for sale on October 9 at 7:30pm EST.