"Goes to Show You What a Moon Can Do"

Preorder Alec Thibodeau's 2009 Lunar Calendar: $35



The image depicted is the digital reference sheet used in creating the final print. While the colors are close to what will be seen in the final artwork, we will not be showing off a scan of the image until the calendar is officially released in December.

What you are looking at is actually a preorder of Alec Thibodeau's 2009 lunar calendar.


Jez Burrows' "Illustrated Guide to Amazing to Amazing Feats of the Night Sky," a tri-fold pocket guide comes free with every preorder.

Front Cover


A Portion of the Interior Detail


Back Cover

Last year demand for the lunar calendar was so great that we had to turn away hundreds of orders.

What a bummer, right? So in order to ensure that our mailing list members are not left out this year, we are offering the ability to preorder this year's letterpress print. Preordering is the only way in which we can guarantee you will receive a copy of the lunar calendar.


The 2009 calendar features 100% BRAND NEW ARTWORK.

Measuring 19" by 11.75", the 2009 calendar's borders feature new, unbelievably-intricate illustrations. Each and every moon phase has been redrawn by hand. Every piece of the 2009 is completely original, created using only pencil and ink.


This is where it gets crazy

As a thank you to our mailing list and as a special gift to those who preorder, each calendar ordered before Thanksgiving (Thursday, November 27) will be signed by the artist. Alec will only be signing preorders. He has lovely penmanship.

Preorders will also include a free copy of Jez Burrows' "Illustrated Guide to Amazing to Amazing Feats of the Night Sky," a tri-fold pocket reference guide that we will be releasing the same week as Alec's lunar calendar. Created specifically for Tiny Showcase, the 3" by 8" pocket reference guide folds up to a 3" square and includes the important meteor showers, full moons, eclipses, and other assorted celestial happenings of 2009. The free copy of Jez Burrows' celestial guide will only be included with preorders.


Technical Information

Alec Thibodeau's "Goes to Show You What a Moon Can Do" is a 19" by 11.75" (the same size as the 2008 lunar calendar) limited edition lunar calendar detailing the 365 phases of the moon for 2009. A continuation of last year's artwork, the calendar is the second installment in Alec's Lunar Calendar Trilogy. The calendar is based on the skies of Providence, Rhode Island but will function accurately anywhere in the Eastern Time Zone and to within a day of accuracy for any location in the Northern Hemisphere. Special illustrations represent New Moon, First Quarter Moon, Full Moon and Third Quarter Moon for each four week cycle. Clouds serve as placeholders in months with fewer than 31 days.

The letterpress print was produced on an archival Cranberry Passport Felt printmaking paper made from 30% post-consumer recycled fiber by artist Dan Wood of DWRI Letterpress. Edition information and print number is blind-debossed into each calendar.


Alec's Charity

Alec has chosen the Biddeford Free Clinic as his calendar's charity. A portion of the money from each print sold will be donated to the organization. For over 15 years, the Biddeford Free Clinic has worked to provide accessible and free outpatient general medical care and non-narcotic medication to adults and children who have no medical insurance and cannot afford private medical care.


Preorder Alec Thibodeau's 2009 Lunar Calendar: $35