"Caterpillar" and "Solstice Trees" by Adam Higton

"Caterpillar" and "Solstice Trees" by Adam Higton

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“Caterpillar” and “Solstice Trees” is a limited edition set of 100 serigraph prints by Adam Higton. 100 prints of each design, available individually or as a set. Four inks on 100lb coverstock Cougar acid-free printmaking paper. With a small border for framing, the artwork measures approximately 8”x 8”. Each print ships with a corresponding certificate of authenticity.

Printed by The Headlight in Providence, RI.

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Adam has chosen the National Autistic Society as this week's charity. $200 from the sale of Adam's artwork will be donated.

"Our pioneering schools and adult services:
Since we started the first autism-specific school in the world in 1965, we've been testing out the best ways to support autistic people of all ages. Today we run residential, supported living, community day hubs, outreach, befriending, social groups and employment support services for adults as well as specialist schools, autism centres in mainstream schools and further education support for children and young people. 

Our social change work:
Our award-winning social change work helps politicians, businesses and the general public to understand autism better. Our policy campaigns help to make sure that new Government policies show a real understanding of autism. Our Access Award helps businesses and services of all sizes to become welcoming to autistic people. And we are soon to launch a new initiative to educate millions of the public about autism, based on the real experiences of thousands of autistic people and their families and friends."

Meet the Artist: Adam Higton

Adam Higton is an artist and musician based in York, UK.  He combines collage, drawing, textiles and electronic music to narrate the daily goings on in the Cosmic Neighbourhood - a mythical and leafy suburb where trees talk and witches peer through moss covered windows.