"The Fleeting Fleet" by Jesse LeDoux

"The Fleeting Fleet" by Jesse LeDoux



"The Fleeting Fleet" by Jesse LeDoux

Two editions of hand-printed screen prints. Waves and sky printed over a gloss white illustration of ships gives the artwork the appearance of constant change depending on the viewing angle. The split-fountain waves and sky layer has been hand-printed, making each print unique.

Printed on a bright white 270gsm print making paper. Each piece has been numbered in an edition of 50 prints.

Jesse LeDoux says "Oh, elusive Summer. It taunts me in the Spring with a couple warm, yet all-too-brief days. Once it finally arrives, I rush to the lake to experience the cacophony of kids playing, dogs barking and radios blaring mixed with the comforting rustle of the breeze through the tall grass and the lapping of the waves. I attempt to overload myself with it, knowing that in a few short weeks the colors will begin to change, bringing it all to another end."

Trimmed to fit a standard 16" by 20" frame.

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