"Grackles" by Carly Weaver

"Grackles" by Carly Weaver

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“Grackle #4” and “Grackle #32” is a limited edition set of archival prints by Carly Weaver. With a small border for framing, the prints are sized to fit a standard 8” x 8” frame. A limited edition of 100 prints of each painting are available as a set or individually. The prints were created by Tiny Showcase and ship with corresponding certificates of authenticity. The archival artwork has been printed on a heavy 290gsm natural white print making paper made from 90% bamboo fibres and 10% cotton.

The original pieces are oil on wood panel.

“Grackle #4” is the grumpy sir facing to the right. “Grackle #32 is the grumpy sir facing to the left.

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Carly has chosen All Things Wild Rehabilitation as this week’s charity. $2 from the sale of every print will be donated.

“The mission of All Things Wild Rehabilitation, Inc. is to promote respect and compassion for all wildlife through public education and awareness; to rescue and rehabilitate sick, injured, orphaned, and displaced wildlife and release them back into the appropriate habitat; and to provide sanctuary for all animals in need.”

Meet the Artist: Carly Weaver

“I have three ongoing series: grackles, landscapes and bicycles that are inspired by Austin, TX and the landscape around where I live. I started painting grackles because they were invading my backyard squawking and making a mess. I had no luck in stopping the pests from eating my dogs' food and pooping on the deck. Instead I embraced the pest and started painting them. Call it karma, they left my backyard...temporarily. I am still on the fence as a grackle lover or hater but continue to be fascinated by their omnipresence and entertaining character. I only paint on wood panels I build myself and spend just as much time in my wood shop as my studio. I landed in east Austin in 2005 from Boston with a BFA from James Madison University in Virginia.”