We Are The Universe by The Imaginary Company

We Are The Universe by The Imaginary Company


09/18/2012. "We Are The Universe" by The Imaginary Company Featuring Kevin Hooyman, Peter Glantz, and Becky Stark

Sold out edition of 100 prints.

This edition has been signed by all three artists and hand-numbered. The artwork measures 18" wide by 24" tall. It was printed in Providence, Rhode Island on an archival 210gsm velum print making paper.

This print was created by artist Kevin Hooyman in collaboration with filmmaker Peter Glantz and Lavender Diamond's Becky Stark. Kevin Hooyman spent weeks crafting the detailed landscape of "We Are The Universe" that depicts a crowded city where animals, humans, creatures, cars, and buildings exist individually but are clearly parts of a whole. We are the city. We are each other. We are the universe. You can spend hours, days, or a lifetime discovering new details of beauty, color, and sly wit within the borders of this print and imagining what lays beyond. It should be examined closely, in person, to be fully appreciated.

"We Are The Universe" is the companion print to a cartoon written and directed by Becky Stark and Peter Glantz for their series Worldword!. In each episode, Peter and Becky - friends and collaborators for 15 years - write a slogan intended to represent some truth that they have experienced together that they want to share through art, music, and cartoons.

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