"Cheese" by C. W. Roelle

"Cheese" by C. W. Roelle



"Cheese" by C. W. Roelle.

Two hundred unique wire sculpture portraits of cheese by cheese-ologist extraordinaire:
Mr. C.W. Roelle.

Very important notice: this item is a preorder. We will begin shipping order for these incredible cheeses as they are received, however, later orders will not ship for several weeks. Cheese portraits ordered before Saturday, February 21 will be accompanied by a complimentary signed print highlighting many of the cheeses from the edition.

Cheeses are assigned randomly as they ship.


No two cheese are the same! While each cheese portrait is roughly the same size, the titles cause a slight variation in the size of each piece. The largest sculptures measure in the vicinity of 4.75" high, 4.5" wide, and 1" deep. Each sculpture has been created with a hook to simplify hanging the piece.

Covering a dizzying number of cheeses, from your favorites to your favorit-ests, each wire sculpture was hand crafted by Providence's unfathomably talented C.W. Roelle.

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