"Sensualité Féminine" by Saelee Oh

"Sensualité Féminine" by Saelee Oh


September 9th, 2008
Letterpress Print Series

"Sensualité Féminine"

Saelee Oh

4" x 4"


SOLD OUT edition of 500 letterpress prints, blind debossed with artist information and print number. 

Created by California's Saelee Oh and printed by Providence letterpress artist Dan Wood, "Sensualité Féminine" marks the first installment in our Tiny Tiny Print Series. With larger runs and smaller print sizes, the series will feature scandalously affordable and astoundingly beautiful artwork created using classic printmaking techniques. Saelee's artwork has been printed on a 250gsm archival Soft White Somerset printmaking paper using a mid-century MAN Poly 50 Automat letterpress. 

sold out
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